Mark is an IT professional with over 30yrs experience, he has worked in many industry sectors including: Automotive, Outsourcing, Banking, Stock Broking, Pharmaceuticals, Oil, local government & charity. Mark joined Ford’s Accelerated Solutions Centre in 2001, he managed Ford’s European data centers from 2006-2011. Today, Mark is a member of Ford’s cross-functional Corporate Technical Specialist group, Mark is recognised as the IT Facilities Technical Expert, he is responsible for the planning and engineering of information and communications technology facilities (ICT Facilities) for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and process improvement globally. Mark has played a key role in the consolidation of Ford’s data centers, since 2017 has constructed three modular data centers and many smaller ‘Edge’ facilities, he is passionate about reducing the cost of IT infrastructure whilst ensuring the infrastructure meets the availability needs of business customers. Mark shares his knowledge and experience at industry conferences and has been a judge for the DataCentre Dynamics awards since 2012




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