Accelerate your journey to AI with IBM: Take a prescriptive approach to making your data ready for an AI ...read more

  • A3cube Inc

    Stand 300

    A3cube is among the first companies that, years ago, understood the key role of data in transforming every aspect ...read more

  • ABC Technology

    Stand 262

    About ABC Technology Founded in 2016, ABC Technology (www.abcfintech.com) is financial technology solution provider with offices in Singapore, Hong ...read more

  • Access Partnership

    Stand 591

    Access Partnership is the world’s leading public policy firm that provides market access for technology. We monitor and analyse ...read more

  • Altran


    Altran is the world leader in engineering and R&D services. Altran offers its clients a unique value proposition to meet ...read more

  • Ankix


    Ankix is a portuguese technological company, specialized in these main areas of expertise: Innovation (R&D), IoT Sensors and Applications, ...read more

  • Conrad Connect

    Stand 561

    Conrad Connect is a fast-growing, award-winning IoT platform for Smart Living and for Smart Businesses. The platform allows end ...read more

  • Couchbase


    Unlike other NoSQL databases, Couchbase provides an enterprise-class, multicloud to edge database that offers the robust capabilities required for ...read more

  • Cristie Data in partnership with Qumulo

    Stand 331

    We’re Hybrid IT Infrastructure Experts, managing and protecting data for 50 years. We’re in IT with you. We put ...read more

  • Digital Decode

    Stand 479

    Learn from industry experts and be inspired to make a real cultural transformation – by changing the way you work. ...read more

  • EMnify


    EMnify is a leading cloud-native IoT connectivity provider that empowers businesses worldwide to get the best out of their ...read more

  • Ergosense

    Stand 478

    Accurate and actionable information about your workplace environment. Ergosense’s smart sensors collect accurate workplace environment measurements and asset movement. ...read more

  • European Space Agency


    ...read more

  • Eurotech


    Eurotech (ETH:IM) is a multinational company that designs, develops and supplies Edge Computers and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions ...read more

  • Experian

    Stand 266

    Experian is the world’s leading global information services company. During life’s big moments – from buying a home or ...read more

  • Haptic

    Stand TBC

    Haptic.ro Promoting new technology related to IoT, VR/AR and IT area; Helping business campaigns to grow up; Selling and ...read more

  • Hongdian

    Stand 165

    Hongdian is a leading global connectivity company, enabling IoT/M2M deployments anywhere in the world. Founded in 1997, Hongdian has ...read more

  • ITEA

    Stand 140

    ITEA is a transnational and industry-driven Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) programme in the domain of software innovation. ITEA ...read more

  • IoTsens

    Stand 475

    IoTsens provides Internet of Things scalable and interoperable vertical solutions to collect and exhange data connecting physical world with ...read more

  • Lead Forensics

    Stand 213

    98% of your website visitors don’t enquire, we show you who they are. Lead Forensics is the market leading ...read more

  • Match Profiler


    Match Profiler is an Information Systems consulting firm, with some main areas of expertise: Data Science and Machine Learning, ...read more

  • MinFarm

    Stand 422

    MinFarm Tech ensures reliable connectivity for your remote IoT infrastructure with their range of satellite and solar powered solutions. ...read more

  • Moldova IT Park


    Moldova IT Park provides companies with benefits such as the essential reduction of the tax burden by introducing a ...read more

  • MyProto

    Stand 612

    myProto is the platform for engineers who need a perfect PCBA-prototype quickly. By using the myProto platform, virtually no ...read more

  • NAWA Technologies


    NAWA Technologies manufacturers Ultra-capacitors based on proprietary Ultra-Fast Carbon Electrode technology suitable for IoT and other battery powered wireless ...read more

  • OriginGPS

    Stand 577

    OriginGPS develops, manufactures and supplies the world’s smallest GNSS and cellular IoT solutions. Our high-performance miniature GNSS products provide ...read more

  • Oxygen Digital Recruitment

    Stand 487

    Oxygen Digital are one of the leading specialists in building AI & Data Science teams globally. With teams of ...read more

  • Qlik

    Stand 330

    Qlik delivers intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting to approximately 45,000 customers ...read more

  • QuestDB

    Stand 540

    QuestDB is an open source SQL database designed to process time-series data, faster. QuestDB’s software architecture has been designed ...read more

  • Robustel

    Stand 233

    Robustel is the leading industrial IoT/M2M Hardware and Solution Provider. Since its establishment in 2010 in Guangzhou China, Robustel ...read more

  • SenX

    Stand 467

    SenX (senx.io) is the software publisher of Warp 10 (www.warp10.io), an open source solution to manage sensors / IoT ...read more

  • SentinelOne


    SentinelOne was founded in 2013 by an elite team of cyber security and defense experts who developed a fundamentally ...read more

  • Simfony

    Stand 564

    ...read more

  • WolkAbout

    Stand 482

    WolkAbout is aimed at empowering the development of IoT solutions that are transforming companies & industries, and opening up ...read more

  • cosmo b.v

    Stand 546

    ...read more

  • wolfSSL

    Stand 561

    wolfSSL is an open source embedded SSL/TLS library. Dual licensed under GPLv2. wolfSSL’s products are designed to offer optimal ...read more